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Zafiros Nights



Firstly, thanks for taking the time to check out our webpage, whether you come to us all the time, every now and again, or you’ve never been in and just want to check us out then everything you need to know about us you can find here.

Situated on the west side of Truro with a glass front that you cannot miss you are immediately welcomed by our friendly team members and the unique setting that the bar possesses. Each area of the place shows a little more of our character from front to back, with our designer dartboard at the front and including our little bit of the Mediterranean disguised as our covered/heated outside area, probably the best beer garden in Truro with outside screen to boot.

With a wide range of seating from cosy bench areas, chairs and the most comfortable sofas you will ever have the pleasure of dropping your bum on you can enjoy our fine range of wines, beers, spirits & soft drinks… and don’t forget our cocktail menu, you’ll love a Louisiana jam.

The atmosphere here is like none other, chilled out, sophisticated, welcoming, classy… not words you would always put together but Zafiros makes it work.  This is the place to be if you are having a night out in Truro, because we’re Truro’s first of its kind and Truro’s favourite. Whether it’s a quiet drink with friends, a chill out with a loved one, or a heavy weekend that would put Zach Galifianakis to shame.


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