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During the day we are the most family/child friendly place you will find . From the moment you enter our friendly team members will make you and your little ones welcome, and show you to the best seat available with places to store your buggy and high chairs for your little ones bums.

To keep them entertained so the adults can talk about the important things (like who went out on the apprentice last night) we have a range of toys & books including the infamous Where’s Wally. But the real secret lies within the TV screens, one of our team members will be able to supply you with a set of headphones so your kids can not only watch Finding Nemo on our screens but hear it too!!! Leaving you adults the joy of being able to appreciate your meal with the serene background music we provide.

Not only do we provide entertainment for your kids but also a menu specially designed for them. With homemade pizza, sandwiches, pasta and the ever popular healthy platter to get your children’s taste buds tingling!

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